Attention: Content Marketers

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Joseph Kahn 
SEO Stars Agency

I just installed WatcherSpy and my mind is exploding with possibilities. I have been trying to find an easy way to follow influencers and toolmakers in the SEO industry and it was driving me crazy trying to keep up and constantly check by hand. The tools that are on the market only connect to YOUR account and don't watch other feeds unless you "junk up" your personal feed accounts. This is such a clean concept that makes everything super easy to keep track of just the important influencers and content producers. Thanks for saving my time and sanity!

Smart Marketers use Watcher Spy to...

Keep themselves updated with their target market's offers and trends

Keep engaged with their Dream 100 on every platform they are on

Get an endless source of for new content ideas

  • Follow anyone on their Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Blog
  • Get an email daily digest sent straight to your inbox
  • Filter and group your feed by tags